Organic Acai Powder from Brazil (Açai Powder) by Samarkand

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The açai powder by Samarkand is a fruit of the palm that bears the same name. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions of South America, although it is more well known and used in Brazil where it is consumed and sold in several varieties. It is a pure product obtained from the small purplish açai berries. The pulp of this fruit is delicious and is eaten like candy by the indigenous population. In addition to its excellent flavor, these berries are highly prized for their impressive nutritional value. Another of the properties that stands out is their high content of antioxidants as well as their ability to detoxify the body and aid in weight loss. The açai berries contain a high dose of unsaturated fats such as omega 3, 6 and 9. It is without a doubt a superfood. Properties of açai: high level of antioxidants helps to fight the effects of aging. It helps with the formation of red blood cells which is ideal for people with anemia. It strengthens the immune system, increases mental concentration and improves mood. It increases stamina, libido and energy. Prevents osteoporosis due to the significant amount of calcium.
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