Recipes with Spanish Ham

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Serrano ham and especially Iberico ham are products that do not need elaborate recipes to show their flavor in all its fullness.
A thin slice of high quality Iberico ham by itself can delight the most demanding palate.

However, there are many recipes that are easy to prepare and a delicious alternative for you to prepare. Here are some ideas for you.

Ham with Melon: A classic recipe, especially in hot weather, and one of the easiest recipes imaginable. Simply cut some thin slices or purchase already sliced and garnish it with sweet melon.

There are documents that show this recipe in the seventeenth century and since then it has been a favorite for habitual ham eaters. You can choose to cut the melon in different ways - thin slices, balls, or serve it on skewers.
Spanish ham with Melon

Bread with ham and tomato: Another classic, indispensable in Catalonia, and increasingly valuable in the rest of Spain.

Although you can use any type of bread and prepare in different ways, it is recommended to use Catalan bread. Some opt to smear the tomato in the bread directly, while others prefer to shred the tomato.

In both cases, the final touch will be a bit of olive oil. Other variants are toasting the bread, adding garlic and then smearing the tomato.

Endive with ham: The slices of Spanish ham are rolled, then paired with previously boiled endive. This is the base, and can be complemented with melted cheese or cream cheese Roquefort.

Asparagus with ham: This recipe is very similar to the previous one. You can choose to boil, grill or bake the asparagus in the oven.
Normally cheese or sauces are not used, as the Spanish ham combined with the asparagus provides a very particular flavor.

Ham Croquettes: This recipe is a bit more elaborate and laborious to prepare. First chop garlic, onion and Spanish ham. Ball up the mixture with olive oil or butter. Then proceed to add sifted flour to prevent lumps.

Then pour milk and stir until all is combined. You can add salt, pepper, parsley for flavor. Once the dough has been formed, separate in long sausage like balls. Let the dough cool and proceed to cut into pieces. Dunk each piece in egg, then flour, then crumbled bread and proceed to fry in hot oil.

Ham with peas: This ham recipe is very simple and results in an excellent dish. First the peas must be cooked for 15 minutes if they are fresh peas, if frozen follow package directions.

Chop onion and garlic and add to chopped Spanish ham. You can add wine to add flavor. Add can be added to make scrambled eggs.
Croquettes with Spanish ham

Tomato soup with ham: To prepare the soup you need at least half a kilo of ripe tomatoes, onion and peppers, which must be crushed. It is recommended the tomato skin is removed prior to blending.

This can be easily done by boiling the tomato for a few minutes and the skin can be easily removed. Next add moisten bread crumbs and keep blending while adding olive oil.

This will provide your soup, then you can add your high quality Spanish ham, You can fry your ham very lightly to make the ham crunchy.

In addition to these recipes, the Spanish ham can be used as an a main ingredient in many recipes. These can be a seafood paella, in omelets, crepes, pizza or in a salad.

Recipes including ham are classics for Spanish cuisine. One of these products with umami enhances flavors of our dishes, which is why we can say that there is always ways to innovate to new extremes.

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